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When a student noticed just how much waste was adding to the worsening flooding of her hometown Houston, Texas she decided something needed to be done about products that were bound to harm the environment. Plastic bags, bottles, tires, and other miscellaneous items that were discarded improperly would get stuck and jam the sewer systems on their way to the ocean. The accumulating garbage had to be removed by hand by local community members because their lifespans would properly surpass their own. She devoted a large portion of her high school to experimenting with different ways she could help educate her community about properly disposal methods like recycling etc. However, when she moved to college she realized the problem went beyond improperly discarding products but in the way the products were made. It was then that she wondered how it could become easier for people to be more responsible consumers. Hence, the birth of #Green. More than a website, #Green is meant to be a movement to inspire future generations to think critically about the kind of consumers they are. Not only should we care about what happens to our products once we dispose of them but also how they impact the environment when they are made.


Our Team

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Victoria is a current Sophomore at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY. She studies History and English with the aspiration of one day working as an environmental lawyer so she can combat pollution on the front lines. She started #Green as a venture with her university’s Thought Into Action incubator program.


Briana is a current Junior at Colgate University. She is majoring in Economics and minoring in Politcal Science, in hopes of working in finance after graduation. She is significantly interested in combining her interest in economics in the U.S. to aid the environmental crisis occurring this century. She recently partnered with Victoria on #Green in May 2019 alongside the TIA Incubator at Colgate.

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