BAILI long handle stainless safe Razor with 5 Platinum blades

  • Platinum razor with 5 razor blades! Anyone can use this razor for a long lifetime use!

  • Reuse this handle razor instead of buying plastic or non recyclable razors ! Recycle the blades and purchase of set of platinum blades (see below)

  • PRICE: $11.95


WEISHA Long Handle open double edge safety razor with 5 stainless blades

  • This butterfly razor has a safer touch where the blade is held by both sides of the handle.

  • Blades can be recycled & handle is durable for long-term use!

  • 11 cm long handle proven for good results on face & body! Comes with a case. Advertised for men but anyone can use it!

  • PRICE: $16.98


PArker straight edge barber razor with 5 stainless half blades

  • For a different shave this straight edge razor provides an eco-friendly change from your typical plastic razor!

  • 2.3 oz with a heavy blade arm that provides razor guidance. Comes with 5 half blades that can be recycled while razor handle can be reused for long-term use!

  • PRICE: $24.99

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 9.33.49 PM.png

PArker straight edge barber razor with 5 stainless half blades

  • This lightweight (3 oz) razor allows for a quick shave with grip at the end!

  • Fully compatible with Gillette's Trac 2 or Personna's Twin II blades

  • Remember to recycle the used razor blades and use precaution with disposal !

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