What is #Green?

#Green is the future of green shopping! Now you can shop for products that are healthy for you and the environment within the comfort of your own home. We make being conscious consumers fun and easy! Our devoted staff is constantly at work searching for new ways to make your shopping experience better and spend our days looking for products that match your everyday needs. Check out our “Team” page to learn the faces behind the movement to change the way we do online shopping.

What is Eco-Friendly shopping anyways?

Eco-friendly shopping means that you consider the impacts of the product on the environment, both in how it is made and how it impacts the environment when disposed of. We’ve all seen the pictures of beaches filled with plastic and parks littered with waste. When you decide to shop eco-friendly you buy products that, if disposed of improperly, will not harm the ecosystem but also do not harm ecosystems when originally made. These include products like bio-degradable materials and naturally made products that decompose naturally. In recent years, marketers have seen a rising trend in customer’s desires to buy “green” products. Why not jump on the bandwagon and use your dollar to change the way we do shopping? If you want to know more about the Green industry make sure to check out our blog!


Great! How do I start Shopping Green?

So you’ve been sold on shopping green? Well, there is no better place to start than #Green! With an inventory of 100+ products ranging from utensils and hygiene products to electronics and brushes, we are here to meet all your needs. How does it work? We research the products and then curate them on our website. You do the browsing through us and when you’ve made your final choice, use your Amazon account to make the final purchase. It’s that easy! When you purchase an eco-friendly product you are making a difference by promoting products who care about our planet earth. Never again will products adversely affect the environment, we are the green shopping revolution!