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Bamboo Toothbrushes

Did you know that every year 1 billion toothbrushes are thrown into landfills in the U.S alone? That is enough to stretch across the earth 4 times! You can help eliminate waste by buying alternatives to plastic toothbrushes, such as bamboo toothbrushes.


Bamboo Hairbrushes

Plastic hairbrushes are a thing of the past, no more throwing old cheap plastic hairbrushes away! Bamboo can be grown in just a few years, does not need pesticides to grow, and does not require paint making it many times more eco-friendly than plastic hairbrushes.


Bar Shampoo

Skip the plastic bottle with bar shampoo! Normal shampoo bottles produce waste once the product is used up. These plastic bottles are rarely recyclable and therefore find themselves in landfills where they will take thousands of years to decompose. Skip the bottle with our bar shampoo!



“Wow, I cannot wait to use these!  I am so impressed by the quality, price and quick delivery.  It has not even been 36 hours since I clicked.”  - JP

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Our Video Reviews

In our Video Reviews we explore our own journey of becoming eco-friendly consumers along with you. Join us for our product reviews, insider tips, and recommendations!


Video: Alternative Straws

In this video I review/showcase bamboo straws and speak about the importance of shopping for alternatives to plastic straws.


Video: Alternative Toothbrushes

In this video I review/showcase a bamboo toothbrush that I have been using for about one month. I answer some questions that you might have about using a bamboo toothbrush and whether or not it is reliable.


Video: Alternative Razors

In this video I review/showcase a metal razor that I purchased. I discuss my issues with using normal plastic razors and what I found out when using a non-disposable metal alternative razor for the first time.


Video: Alternative Hairbrushes

In this video I review/showcase a bamboo hairbrush that I have been using for about two months. I talk about the differences I see between my traditional plastic hairbrush and my transition to a new bamboo hairbrush. I especially talk about how I feel it handles my naturally coarse hair.